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Infuze Concepts

Name Generation, Logo, Business Card, Work Book, Owners Handbook, Stylists Handbook, Brochure, DVD covers, DVD case design, Packaging, Web Site

- The owner of Infuze approached us with a great business idea: to create a training module for hairstylists just entering the industry

Project Introduction

Building the companies brand from scratch - we knew that we had to create a look that would make a splash in the hairstylist industry. Using blended vector and photographic illustration our main image was one of a young hairdresser upside down their hair forming a teacup as they “infuzed” their brains with the knowledge from this module. Salons received the package in a bright pink box and were dazzled by the Stardream Crystal Cover used on all the books - a paper stock with a glittering sheen. This package certainly made an impact! El Designo can design the manly, we can also design the womanly!

Specific Details

Using the branding created, we built upon that for the website.  We created a one-page website to touch on all elements that are in the entire package. 

Interesting Facts

- Project began in 2014
- Website Developed by the fine folks at Pixel Army
- See the Infuze Concepts
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