Graphic Design | El Designo

El Designo offers unique design solutions to our clients. We meet each client in person and create custom designed graphic artwork to meet their needs. 

El Designo also offers a variety of illustration styles and media to our clients. We use illustration to make our designs stand out, to create a connection with the viewer, and to initiate an emotional response in the viewer. 

We offer quality in craftsmanship. This process begins at the initial creative phase where design elements need to be well thought out in order to perform well. These elements must be presented strategically in order to present clarity. 

Our dedication to craftsmanship translates into savings for our clients as all our designs are built with care and pride. We view our work as “heirloom design” that will require little maintenance and will stand the test of time. 

We ensure all elements are flexible and allow for future modifications to be made in a timely manner. In the physical production phase we choose all suppliers with care. All work is monitored and must meet our high standard of quality before it is shown to our clients. We believe graphic design is a craft, and we take pride in our work.

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