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Chicago Blackhawks

New Branding, T-Shirt Design, Poster Design

ā€”El Designo worked with the NHL Chicago Blackhawks organization to create a spin on their historic brand. We provided many options to the marketing department for the 2012, 2013 and 2014 NHL Playoffs.

Project Introduction

El Designo competed against other Edmonton design firms to win this bid. And we are sure glad we did! With our vast sports knowledge and our talents in illustration we created a vibrant new brand for this classic sports institution. We focused the design around various marquee players and nostalgic moments within the organization, creating designs reminiscent of their long history and nuancing their very recognizable logo. The brand of the team is permanent and fairly conservative but we had the opportunity to introduce creative alternatives, updating their old brand and making it, in a word, cool.

Specific Details

NHL marquee player Marian Hossa fully endorsed the T-shirts and Posters to sell at playoff time. We sold out of all the T-Shirts printed within a week! This provided a nice limited edition collector’s brand for the organization to use. El Designo created over 15 concepts for the shirts. With the Chicago Blackhawks using 5 of our designs over the lock-out season of 2012-2013. 

Interesting Facts

- Designed in 2012-2014 Seasons
- Sold out the T-Shirts at the Playoffs using only two outside ground trucks and one inside stadium shop! (They are THAT cool.)

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