ED - A Social Media Experiment

August 26th, 2015

How El Designo's business card became an ambassador for our company

I had a clear direction in mind when I started designing our business card. I wanted to create something different from all the other business cards out there and do something that was visually linked to our company - I wanted to create a Luchador Wrestler! (When was the last time you had a palm-sized wrestler handed to you? I hope you say "Never!")

I worked within standard business card dimensions and created a wrestler that jived with our branding. To add realism - I decided to die-cut the card into a wrestler shape and we had it printed at Fort Heavy, a great local printer here in Edmonton.

We received an amazing response to our cards when we handed them out, but I wondered how we could get more marketing use out of the card. After all, they were pretty cool!

So I decided to to name our card ED (after El Designo's initials, clever hey?) and started taking him with me when I travelled. Ed had a great time with me at the Grand Canyon, Zion and Yellowstone this summer, as well as a few local venues.  I took shots of him in different places and posted them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. He posed in interesting spots and people tried to figure out where he was. The “Where is ED?” social media experiment was in full swing. 

People seemed interested in what I was doing with my business card online, they tweeted about it, added the images to business card design groups and exclaimed “I wish I would have thought of this first!”

I didn’t realize how much exposure ED was getting online until I had a few new client meetings and I handed out my business card for the first time. The clients responded with “Oh, yes, ED - I’ve been following his travels online!” 

This blew me away, the person I was meeting with knew about our card even before we met! I realized that having ED travel around and posting his travels on social media, was a great ice-breaker and turned cold meetings warm. ED had gone out and met with these people before I had!

I’m excited to see how ED helps introduce El Designo to our next clients!

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