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Edmonton Poetry Festival

Program, Poster, Ads, Postcards, Website Design, Coasters, & Magazine Cover

—This Poetry Festival was a relatively new festival to Edmonton when El Designo started to represent their vision. Now this festival is officially on the map

Project Introduction

As a newer festival in a city of festivals -  the EPF needed to vie for the attention of Edmonton’s populace.  By using lush custom illustrated posters and promotional materials, we have helped the EPF become the flourishing festival it is today. They now bring in Poets from all over the globe, and are drawing crowds to this unique artistic event in Edmonton.

Specific Details

Since El Designo has taken over the Edmonton Poetry Festival brand it has grown exponentially. Every year more sponsors get involved, and more venues become available to host workshops and readings during the event. 

Interesting Facts

- Design from 2011-Present
- Learn more about Edmonton Poetry Festival here
- 2014 saw the EPF host a burlesque poetry event called The Red Gala. The EPF is a fascinating event Edmontonians are lucky to have.

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