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Annual Reports, Broadcast Schedule, Poster, Direct Mailer, Magazine Ads & Website Banners

— CKUA is an interesting blend of old and new. It posed a design challenge that we were eager to accept!

Project Introduction

El Designo has worked on CKUA’s marketing materials since 2010 and helped to build its unique brand. CKUA needed help to link listeners to its rich history - while exploring the future of the radio station and encompassing its expanding audience.

Specific Details

El Designo has also worked on some other pieces to attract attention to CKUA at various events in and around the city. The broadcast schedule that was created by El Designo has been used for over four years; it can be found around town in CKUA booths and at CKUA itself. We also created a unique promotional piece in the form of die cut paper hangers that people could place on their cars rear view mirror. The hangers listed the CKUA radio frequencies used through out Alberta. CKUA vans would then seek out people that had rear view hangers in their car and signed them up to meet Terry David Mulligan at a winery in B.C. 

Interesting Facts

- Broadcast Schedule was able to fold easily to be portable, kept in a wallet or posted on a fridge. These were made with 80% recycled material paper stock.
- CKUA has been broadcasting since November 21st, 1927, and started with a 500-watt signal

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