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Ad Club of Edmonton

Winners Book, Call for Entries Direct Mailer, Awards Show Brochure, ACE on Display Graphics, Sandwich Boards, Sage Banners, Roll Up Display, Podium Signage, E-Mailer, & Video Graphics

Project Introduction

El Designo was asked by the Advertising Club of Edmonton (ACE) to design the theme and collateral materials for the 2010 Advertising Awards Gala. The designers at El Designo decided to take a tongue-in-cheek approach to the event, creating a whole evening around the theme Unleash the Freak.

In the design industry there are many professionals that have unique personalities. Marc and Patrick thought it would be interesting to bring some of these characters into the spotlight. The entire show was themed after a vintage carnival. All materials were custom illustrated, and, although brightly coloured, they had an aged and slightly creepy look to them.

Specific Details

The event itself, held on Saturday April 30th at the Citadel Theatre, was a riot of colour. Banners highlighted the freaks on display: The Idea Killer, the Font Snob, the Uber Creative. Strings of flags draped the room as popcorn and cotton candy filled the air with the aroma of the carnival.

Although El Designo created a number of creative pieces for this event, the Winners Book received the most attention. A tattooed man's face graced the cover, and came complete with a nose-ring clasp!

Interesting Facts

- Event was held at the Citadel Theatre for the first time in ACE's history

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