Our Finishing Moves

The designers at El Designo create two-dimensional and three-dimensional design. They contend with logos, rassle with corporate identities and dominate annual reports, winning design championship belts in these categories. We spar with promotional products, signage, illustration, rooms, spaces and product packaging, bring all three dimensions into relief.

There is never a need for a rematch. Here, we own the ring.


Brand Strategy

El Designo offers unique design solutions to our clients. We meet each client in person and create custom designed graphic artwork to meet their needs.

El Designo also offers a variety of illustration styles and media to our clients. We use illustration to make our designs stand out, to create a connection with the viewer, and to initiate an emotional response in the viewer.

We offer quality in craftsmanship. This process begins at the initial creative phase where design elements need to be well thought out in order to perform well. These elements must be presented strategically in order to present clarity.

Our dedication to craftsmanship translates into savings for our clients as all our designs are built with care and pride. We view our work as “heirloom design” that will require little maintenance and will stand the test of time.

We ensure all elements are flexible and allow for future modifications to be made in a timely manner. In the physical production phase we choose all suppliers with care. All work is monitored and must meet our high standard of quality before it is shown to our clients. We believe graphic design is a craft, and we take pride in our work.

Brand Identity

El Designo steps into the ring with every new identity by first gathering information from our clients. Here we exercise our most powerful muscles: our ears! Once we are finished listening we start asking questions, then listen some more. A logo is the distillation of an entire company to its most basic, most powerful visual components. We focus on building marks that not only grab your attention, but are strategic and well crafted. Each mark we create is unique and tailored to meet our clients specific needs. We come to understand and believe in your vision. Identities can be complex to design as a figure-four leg lock and are a challenge we love to accept.

Print Design

Print design uses a large repertoire of El Designo’s wrestling moves. We start the match with research, tag in paper and printing knowledge and finish off with talented suppliers.

We don’t send your files overseas to be printed and lose control over the finished product. Design, like wrestling, is impossible with a hands-off approach. We work only with local printers that meet our high standards of quality. Keeping production local supports Edmonton’s economy and it allows us to check complex print projects and make sure they print according to our vision and yours. All facets of print design are hands-on at El Designo.

We view print design as a opportunity to offer new solutions to traditional methods of advertising and promotions. El Designo focuses on maximizing the shelf life of a product while minimizing waste.

Web Design/Development

With web design El Designo will tap out your company’s competitors without you lifting a finger. With custom designs for information websites, E-Commerce sites and content management solutions, we’ll have the site pinned for the count of three.

In order to get your site into training it is imperative to have a plan. This plan begins with a simple map that shows primary, secondary and even tertiary navigation based on your needs. We take this plan and create a custom look that suits your vision. From there, our technical skills are put to the test with compressive code. Using only non-table CSS pages we then optimize the site and get it ready for usability testing. Our basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tops off the finished product.

Need hosting? We use a 100% award-winning wind/solar powered hosting solution to meet your needs.


Writing copy is a stark, technical term used to describe a lush, creative process. Our creative writers love language – they love sentences, they love words. They combine words to detonate landmines of imagination. Words can kindle desire, free a belly laugh, appeal to primordial senses, or jolt awareness. Our writers like writing as much as we like wrestling designs.

Your company might need one short slogan or it might need paragraphs of text. Whatever your message, our writers will find the words.


El Designo tags in illustration to create a powerful move in the ring. Our illustration style is fun and fantastical adding warmth to any design. Integrating illustration into design projects creates a unique message that imparts a lasting impression on the viewer.

We strive to bring creativity and energy to all our illustrated works, and are influenced by these great fantasy illustrators: Wayne Barlowe, Roger and Martyn Dean, and Tony DiTerlizzi.

We can illustrate in the following media : graphite, acrylic, gouache, water colour, pen and ink, and charcoal. We can sculpt with: clay, mixed media, paper, and plaster.


To jump into the crowd with confidence your company’s packaging must be aligned with what people wish to experience. With over-saturated markets and a massive amount of consumer choice it is imperative to have attractive packaging, that is, packaging that attracts people to your products. El Designo has unique insight into eco-friendly materials, connections to the best manufacturers in the business and design skills that will draw attention to your product like a spotlight.

Our packaging solutions are designed to reflect the spirit of not only the brand, but the client, creating a memorable brand that  stands the test of time. We have created everything from boxes for medical gloves to CD album design, shopping bags to shipping boxes, biodegradable soap tins and the the most beautiful egg carton you’ve ever seen! So get on that high rope and soar above the masses!


Creating a space is like balancing on the top rope.  Too much contrast creates chaos, too much unity is boring. We balance contrast, to make a space interesting, with unity, to create a sense of flow. With this balance achieved we can leap into other elements of your space. Specific colours, textures and graphics pulled from your brand add to the overall atmosphere. Focal points are created to draw attention and communicate. We can create retail spaces, office spaces and studios that are functional for people working in the space as well as inviting to those visiting it.

In addition to designing a functional and welcoming space for your company, we take the highest care in ensuring that your space is healthy. We know the most knowledgeable people in the city to ensure that the materials for your space are non-toxic and will not contribute to poor indoor air quality and sick building syndrome.


Take a glimpse into the locker room.

You never know what you’ll find on our blog. Remnants of designs past, ideas for some future book or a random sketch for some
furniture design. Many of the wrestlers’ 1950’s memorabilia, vintage Atari games, lego constructs, or flea market treasures
may show up there. Who knows what will inspire a design wrestler next.

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