El Designo - Behind the Mask

Hey! These guys aren't mexican.

When we founded this company in 2010 we wanted to create a studio that was beyond the norm, something that could represent our collective style and personality. We came up with dozens of ideas for company names and how to brand them - but they were all safe and bland. We wanted something that flew in the face of the old guard, and instead was avant guard. Our company is named El Designo. We tip our hats to the world of design and the world of Mexican Luchador Wrestling.

​Of all the wrestling styles out there the Mexican Luchador wrestlers have the most flash and pizazz in the ring. This, we thought, is something we could brand a design studio around! Just look at all those colour combinations, the mystery, the sequins! We’ll have enough material here to brand El Designo for a mucho, mucho long time!

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Logo Design

El Designo steps into the ring with every new identity by first gathering information from our clients. Here we exercise our most powerful muscles: our ears! Once we are finished listening we start asking questions, then listen some more. A logo is the distillation of an entire company to its most basic, most powerful visual components. We focus on building marks that not only grab your attention, but are strategic and well crafted. Each mark we create is unique and tailored to meet our clients specific needs. We come to understand and believe in your vision. Identities can be complex to design as a figure-four leg lock and are a challenge we love to accept.

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Print Design

Print design uses a large repertoire of El Designo’s wrestling moves. We start the match with research, tag in paper and printing knowledge and finish off with talented suppliers. We don’t send your files overseas to be printed and lose control over the finished product. Design, like wrestling, is impossible with a hands-off approach. We work only with local printers that meet our high standards of quality. 

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Last fall we rebranded Bles Wold Dairy, their rebranded dairy products will be available in Sunterra, Italian Centres, Planet Organic and some Save-on-Foods locations. Take a look at the new brand and try this delicious premium yogurt made right here in Alberta!

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​"El Designo is the best thing that happened"

El Designo is the best thing that happened to the Heritage Chicken Program! The team’s creativity gave our hens personality and transformed them into empowered “girls” in charge of their own sustainability. We consider the El Designo a development partner who has proven to be creative in problem resolution, reliable in time commitments, and brilliant with the final product.

​ - Agnes Kulinski MSc. MBA Business Director - University of Alberta Heritage Chickens

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